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Heey :D Nice that you passed my blog, *stalker* ♥♥♥ Hope you enjoy~
I'll be posting some kawaii shit, some fangirl stuff, and... Everything else? ~u~

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#this man and his facial expression represent the whole fandom

fandom man is my spirit animal.

“Oh your so cute Sherlock did you know your not-boyfriend thinks he’s heterosexual?”


Cute donuts!


Pastel Pusheen Phone Charms

Forgot to post >.>
DAY 1 from #desucon9 ~

Taken while fishing in the boat ~🚣🐠

Miss u @fredrik_g 💕

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"I go to seek a Great Perhaps"
- Looking for Alaska, John Green (ved Sleneset)

Such wind, not much fish, boat 🚤🚤🐟🐠 (ved Sleneset)


Something Artistic Blog asylum-art:

 Carter Murdoch
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Something Artistic Blog asylum-art:

Shane Black Photography
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Bye bye home~ left for Mo I Rana today, to my dad and ants and uncles😊🚂🚂

Me and the Dalarna horse ~ 🐴

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